Art for your life

The painting decorating the bedroom
reminds you of the beauty of the world in the morning after a bad day

A look at the small sculpture you bought on a trip
reminds you of the sea breeze on that delightful day
And takes your mind out of the busy office in the afternoon

At dusk you sit on a chair, its stunning shadow reflected in a mirror
You choose a dramatic dress and head out to dinner

That night, at a house party put on by someone you respect
Standing in front of a painting in the hallway
You promise yourself: One day, I’ll get one of this artist’s works for myself

Those are the wonders of a life with art

Living together with a unique piece of art enriches your existence
and imbues your life with inspiration and beauty

Dear Art offers the opportunity for you to view unique art online and purchase your favorite pieces
Our hope is to deepen your love for art through our website, bringing you the enjoyment of living with art

The varied selection on our website lets you find artworks that touch your heart
Sourced from galleries throughout Japan and elsewhere, the pieces in our selection are carefully curated from both the primary and secondary markets, all for your viewing pleasure
We hope you will take a look at our website and browse our selection, which is updated daily

Art for your life
We sincerely hope that Dear Art will become a platform full of wonderful encounters, and one that will encourage more people to consider a life with art


Based on the concept of “Art for your SCÈNE”, Art Salon SCÈNE was launched as a by-invitation-only art salon on October 13, 2016. Our vision is to provide art for not only art lovers, but also for those who haven’t had the opportunity to get close to art, and to increase “scenes with art” in the world.
With this vision, we exhibit the work of artists from home and abroad, hold feature exhibitions that will become the intersection of art and beautiful existence like fashion, interior and traditional crafts. In the meanwhile, we also make art proposals for various spaces like hotels, restaurants, offices, private homes and for commercial materials such as wine labels.

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