Order & Payment

Q. I would like to buy an artwork on Dear Art. Please tell me the procedure.

A. First, please contact us via the "Make an Inquiry" button on the page of artwork that you would like to purchase. As soon as you contact us, we will check the availability and the current price of the artwork. After that, we will provide a quotation of total cost based on your shipping address and other request (e.g. whether a frame is needed). We will issue a payment link after getting final approval of quotation from you.
Please be sure to read "Terms of Use" of Dear Art. You can find all the details from it.

Q. Is there any additional cost except for the price of artwork?

A. The tax, shipping fee, and transportation insurance will be charged separately.
In addition, unpacking, removal of waste materials, and frame decoration costs and customs duties will be charged if needed.
Since the costs will vary depending on the artwork and shipping address, we will provide details when you contact us.

Q. How can I pay?

A. You can make your payment by credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).
easily and safely via Stripe.
If it is over the upper payment limit of Stripe, you can also make a bank transfer.

Shipping & Delivery

Q. How many days will it take for the artwork to be delivered?

A. It depends on the seller, whether the frame service is needed and shipping address. You will be noticed about the estimated delivery date during your inquiry or right after we confirm your payment.
Shipment will be made within 2~14 business days from the completion of the payment procedure.

Q. Can I select the date of delivery?

A. If the shipping address in in Japan, it’s possible.
You will be asked to unpack the artwork as soon as you receive it. Therefore delivery date will be noticed in advance.
In the case of international shipping, it depends on the country or region whether you could select the delivery date. Please contact us for further information.

Q. After I order the artwork, will I be noticed about shipping date and estimated delivery date?

A. We will notice about estimated shipping date and estimated delivery date during your inquiry or right after we confirm your payment.
And It may take longer time than the estimated shipping date written in each artwork page because of availability, crate packing or other situations of seller, in those cases we will contact you by email in advance.

Q. I haven't received the artwork I ordered, how can I check the shipping status of it.

A. Please contact us via the inquiry form or info@dearart.jp with information including shipping address, receiver’s name, and the identification number of the product you purchased . We will check the delivery status from you.
Also, it depends on shipping company but sometimes you are able to directly check the current shipping status with tracking number.

Q. Does Dear Art offer framing service?

A. we offer to recommend framing company. For details, please check “Framing Service” from the page of artwork.
Feel free to contact us if you have any question.

Q. Does Dear Art offer gift wrap service?

A. Sorry, we don’t offer gift wrap service currently.

Cancel/Return/ Reservation

Q. I received the artwork and it is different from what I imagined. Is it possible to return it?

A. We don’t accept the return or exchange, etc. of the artwork because of its special feature.
However, in the case of any of the following, we will handle it in accordance with Terms of Use.
(1) In the event of any defect in the work
(2) When any work that is different from the work ordered arrives
(3) In the case of the work damaged during delivery

Q.Is it possible to cancel the order if I change my mind before payment is made?

A. You are allowed to cancel the order before the payment is made. To cancel your order, please contact us at info@dearart.jp.

Q. Is it possible to reserve the artwork

A. Basically we do not accept reservations in order to maintain fairness. However, after you indicate your intention to purchase the artwork, we may be able to reserve the artwork for several days. Please contact us at info@dearart.jp.

Q. The artwork I received was damaged, so I would like to request a return and refund.

A. For shipping within Japan: The shipping company will check the packaging and make sure it is undamaged. If there is any damage upon unpacking, the shipping company will contact us and the insurance company to inspect whether or not it was caused during shipment and then decide how to handle it thereafter.
For international shipment, sometimes the shipping company may not be able to witness unpacking. When you request a return or refund, the insurance company must first investigate about when the damage is caused (before shipping, during shipping, or after shipping). You will be asked to submit photographs of the status before and after unpacking artwork. Without these photographs, there is high possibility that we can’t accept the return of the artwork. Detailed instructions will be sent to you by email after your order.


Q. Do I need to sign up membership to buy artwork?

A. Yes, before you purchase an artwork, you need to make an inquiry from the artwork page first. And you will be asked to sign up membership to make an inquiry. If you have any question about this, please feel free to contact us via info@dearart.jp or Chatbot.

Q. How does Dear Art handle personal information?

A. Please read Privacy Policy.

Q. I want to resign from Dear Art, how can I do it?

A. You can resign your membership from here.
If you have any further question, please feel free to contact us via info@dearart.jp or Chatbot.
* All your membership information will be deleted at the same time when you resign your membership. But if there is an uncompleted transaction, the information required for the transaction will be retained until it is completed. Please refrain from resigning before completing the transaction to prevent any trouble.