Legal Information and Notices required by Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

1. Name of business operator:
Loin, Inc.

2. Person in charge:
Nanako Yamamoto

3. Address:
Ripple Square, 3-15-6, Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, 107-0062

4. Telephone number:

5. Email address:

6. Selling price of goods and consideration for services:
The price finally presented by the seller in Japanese Yen after inquiries based on the selling price of the goods indicated on each product page
※ The selling price of the goods shown on each product page is the price at the time the product was first displayed, and may change depending on market conditions. In addition, the selling price of the product may be indicated in a range. Please note that there is no compensation for the difference between the price of the product indicated on the site and its final price at the time of settlement.
※ In addition, consumption tax, etc. at the time of conclusion of the sales contract shall be levied. Please refer to Section 7 for details.
※ When the Language Change Button is used on this site, the selling price of each product changes to the currency unit corresponding to each language. The prices shown here are displayed by referring to the exchange rate at the time, so the prices shown in accordance with the fluctuations in the exchange rate also fluctuate. Please note that there is no compensation for fluctuations in selling prices due to fluctuations in exchange rates.

7. Costs required other than consideration:
Delivery charge and transportation insurance charge
(unpacking, removal of waste materials, and frame decoration costs as needed)
※ For details, please contact us on the respective product pages.
※ Consumption tax is included in the selling price of goods indicated on each product page.
※ If the customer is located outside Japan, or if the customer is requesting the shipment of a work purchased to the area outside Japan, the customer is not be charged a consumption tax, but shall be charged the actual costs for customs clearance, such as customs duties, import duties, and customs examination cost.
The customer is required to separately provide the Internet connection fees and other expenses related to telecommunications lines (the amount is as determined by the contracted carrier).

8. Payment method:
Credit settlement: Visa, Mastercard, American Express
Bank transfer

9. Time of payment for the price :
[Credit Card]
Depends on the closing date of the credit card and the terms of the contract. Contact the card company.

[Bank transfer]
The product will be shipped after confirmation of payment.
If the payment cannot be confirmed within three (3) business days, it will be cancelled. Please note.
The customer is responsible for the bank transfer fee.

10. When to deliver the product or provide services:
After confirming the payment, we will inform the customer of the estimated date of shipment by e-mail. We will also send the customer an email informing the customer of the shipment after the product has been shipped.
※ Depending on the product shortage, product ordering, packing, frame decoration, business conditions of the seller, etc., it may take more time than the business days stated for each product, but in this case, we will notify the customer separately by e-mail.

11. Special clause on return and cancellation:
The goods sold on this site shall not be returned or cancelled after the completion of the purchase procedure due to the properties of the products. Different products or products with defects will be handled in accordance with the Terms of Use.
For goods with special sales conditions, the conditions are shown on the purchase page for each product.

※ Even if these legal information and notices required by Act on Specified Commercial Transactions are translated into other languages, the Japanese version shall prevail, and if there is any conflict between the different language versions, the Japanese version shall be followed.